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How it works

Blood Collection

Creation of the world's first systems biology led biorepository of the genetically well defined Zoroastrian-Parsis. Housing 4500+ samples. Samples are collected from volunteers and stored at -80℃. DNA, RNA, plasma and stem cells are extracted for further analyses. All samples are barcoded and anonymised upon receipt.

NEXTGEN Sequencing

Whole genome, whole exome, targeted panel based sequencing using state-of-the-art Illumina platforms. Offering turn key clinical genomic analysis and reporting with our exclusive partner Congenica® - the world’s leading software for the analysis, interpretation and reporting of genomic data.

Liquid biopsy

Non-invasive genetic predisposition screening from plasma and whole blood. High depth sequencing at 5000X for circulating free DNA using a propriety capture panel. Tertiary analysis or disease mapping is done through a clinical variant prioritization platform ensuring rapid turn around and accurate reports.

We invest in the future

The 10,000 Avestagenome Project® is a systems biology study that aims to understand the molecular basis of longevity in the Zoroastrian-Parsi population using NEXTGEN Sequencing Technology to identify critical disease associated genomic variants that underscore the health of this community.

The 10,000 Avestagenome Project® is a landmark, first-of-its-kind comprehensive, integrated systems biology, genomics biobank database of the Zoroastrians for the deep understanding of human disease. The Zoroastrian-Parsis are a well-defined small population of less than 70,000 individuals in India. Well-documented genealogical charts demonstrate unbroken lineages. Generations of marriage within the community has resulted in an increased evidence of both traits – greater longevity, and certain diseases – Parkinson’s disease, stroke, heart disease, specific cancers, and Alzeheimer’s disease.

At The Avestagenome Project®, we are at the interface of generating valuable genomic data and cutting edge AI driven technology to manage big data platforms. These platforms have the potential to revolutionise medicine and create access for tailored healthcare for the needs of individual patients with cancers, neurological disorders and rare diseases. 

Precision Medicine

Leveraging decades of R&D expertise with partner Avesthagen Limited

Biomarker Discovery

For predictive diagnostics and targeted novel drug therapies

Stem Cell Platform

IPSC stem cells immortilzed and/or frozen for drug discovery and personalized regenerative medicine


Ensuring the highest ethical standards and strict confidentiality of all participant information

Our Journey So Far

The Avestagenome Project® was conceptualised with the intent of building a complete genealogical, medical and genetic database of the Parsi population in India. The Avestagenome Project® will identify within the Zoroastrian population, genetic risk factors which predispose individuals to cancers, elucidate gene function and improve public health through early intervention whilst improving disease prevention strategies and delivering improved patient health outcomes.

In a landmark first, The Avestagenome Project® has successfully sequenced and assembled the full length female and male Zoroastrian-Parsi nuclear genomic reference standard, AGENOME-ZPGRF and AGENOME-ZPGRM. Additionally, we generated the first complete de novo Zoroastrian Mitochondrial Reference Genome, AGENOME-ZPMSHV2a-1. Our research expands the understanding of the implications of genomic signatures in an endogamous population, accelerating the development of Predictive, Precise and Personalized medicine for all humankind.

Our research, which has thus far traced ancestry via the mitochondrial genome and environmental cues affecting individual epigenomes, is now exploring the nuclear genome, the genetic code of life. We are confident that this milestone will identify risk by diagnosing disease, such as cancers, neurodegenerative conditions, and rare disorders, while mitigating the risk through customising treatment regimens.

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The Avestagenome Project® is leading to groundbreaking insights with continued findings into the role of genomics in Precision Medicine.